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Bits, Burs & Rotary Sanders
Carbide Burs | Diamond Carvers | Kutzall Burs | Mandrels | Ruby Carvers | Saburr-Tooth | Sanders | Stump Cutters | Texturing Rods | Texturing Stones | Typhoon

[hlPhotoLink] Double Cut Carbide Burs We offer the long lasting carbide burs in 3/32" shank with a double cut tooth style. Buy the whole set and save a couple bucks.
[hlPhotoLink] Diamond Carvers Quality diamonds leave a finish without any serious scratches much like 220 grit sandpaper. Our least expensive diamonds from China have a finish closer to that of rubies but at a price far lower.
[hlPhotoLink] Original Kutzall Roughout Burs The standard in roughout burs for as long as we have been associated with carving and that goes back to the early 80's.
[hlPhotoLink] Mandrels Split mandrels and screw head mandrels are used in a variety of ways with sanding cloth and disks for detailing.
[hlPhotoLink] Ruby Carvers One of the work horses when it comes to the early steps of detail carving. Rubies remove fair amounts of wood while leaving only surface scratches that can be sanded away.
[hlPhotoLink] Saburr Tooth / Typhoon rotary tools feature long-lasting, razor-sharp carbide cutting teeth arranged into a unique open pattern to resist “loading” while providing the “Power Carver” rapid stock removal and smoother finishes.
[hlPhotoLink] Rotary Sanders come in a number of different styles to make your project finishing easier.
[hlPhotoLink] Stump Cutters feature fast cutting Vanadium Steel and leave a smooth finish. They are a favorite among carvers. 3/32" shank.
[hlPhotoLink] Ceramic Texturing Rods are the ultimate in feather texturing. They are available in both 1/8" (3mm) and 3/32" diameter x 2" long.
[hlPhotoLink] Texturing Stones available in White, Blue and Green with a number of shapes are sure to cover your detailing needs.
[hlPhotoLink] Foredom Typhoon Rough Out Burs 1/4" shank Typhoon burs fit between the Saburr Tooth Yellow and Green. They are valuable in rounding out your rough out bur selection.